Story Time With Uncle Frank

Story Time With Uncle Frank is a production of Zeus Digital and The Myrtle Beach Golf Channel for Arcadian Shores Golf Club. This series spotlights Uncle Frank (Frank Coughlin) sharing his vast knowledge and talent in (sometimes) regular episodic frequency. Uncle Frank is well-known in the golfing industry for his leadership, wealth of knowledge, and incredible talent. Those fortunate to have received his guidance have excelled in their game and careers. Perhaps you could as well. 

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Myrtle Beach Golf Channel

Headquartered in North Myrtle Beach, SC, Myrtle Beach Golf Channel produces over 1000 live and on-demand golf related videos annually. It has been reported (by Forrester Research) that watching one minute of video has the equivalent impact of reading 1.8 million words of text. No one in today’s media savvy world can argue the value of video. The challenge facing most businesses who have bought into the idea comes down to distribution. As a division of iNetGolf (Digital Marketing Solutions)The Myrtle Beach golf Channel combines our passion for creating outstanding digital media with our expertise in video marketing.


We deliver our production to a precisely targeted golfer audience in over 172 countries, all 50 United States, and over 26,000 cities. We utilize social media, the Amazon CDN, and search marketing to deploy and engage golfers with programming variety.


Programming includes, golf tips, golf instruction, tech, golf course news, golf industry news, new and updated product news, and much more. Combined with our sister properties and (all under the iNetGolf umbrella) we distribute thousands of videos, podcasts, and blogs annually.

Tee It Up Grand Strand

Tee It Up Grand Strand, our longest running series, provides monthly news, updates, and information from golf courses throughout the Myrtle Beach area. This series airs over 250 episodes annually and is one of our most popular show series. Tee It Up Grand Strand production and editing is handled by Dustin Gilder (Producer Big D). Dustin has over a decade of experience producing digital media and brings to the programming his unique creativity that has made Tee It UP Grand Strand our most popular series. Shows range in length from 1 1/2 minutes to 7 minutes depending upon the topic.

Fantasy Golf TV

We began Fantasy Golf TV in 2016 with host Jeff Diehl and his side kick Brian Stefan. Hosts, Jeff and Brian along with special guests, help fantasy golfers make their picks each week during the fantasy season. There are discussions and (often) disagreements among the myrtle-beach-golf-channelexpert panel that give viewers (and listeners) plenty to consider. This show airs live from our North Myrtle Beach Studio each Tuesday at 4 PM. Fantasy Golf TV is also simulcast live on the Zeus Radio Network (ZRN Sports) and is placed into a 24/7 live replay loop with other ZRN Sports content. The live show can be viewed from the Fantasy Golf TV (and other) Facebook page(s) as well as on All shows are archived for on-demand viewing at Shows are 20 minutes in length on average, and run continuously without breaks.

Myrtle Beach Golf Report

The Myrtle Beach Golf Report includes daily and weekly airing with the latest news from the Seaside Golf Capital of the World with an occasional connection to national and global golf news. Hosts Brian Stefan is the Grand Strand’s source for the latest golf news, course updates, weather,  and tournament information. Myrtle Beach Golf Report airs live on the Myrtle Beach Golf Channel Facebook (and other) page(s) and is available here on the Myrtle Beach Golf Channel on-demand.


GolfRap airs each Monday morning at 9 AM with a recap of the weekends golf. Local and tour results are provided by host George Honeycutt and guests. This show airs live on the Myrtle Beach Golf Channel Facebook (and other) page(s), simulcasts to ZRN Sports, and is available on-demand hear on

The Round Table

The Round Table airs each Thursday morning at 10 AM hosted by George Honeycutt and guests. We call The Round Table our “anything goes” golf show. The subject can be anything related to golf on a global, national, or local level. This panel loves to dive into the hottest topics in the golf industry. This show airs live on the Myrtle Beach Golf Channel Facebook (and other) page(s), simulcasts to ZRN Sports, and is available on-demand hear on

Tech Talk

Tech Talk airs live from our NMB Studio and covers a variety of equipment discussions. Often hosted by our hillbilly golf guru, Al (Dr. Grind) Cloyd, Tech Talk has consistently been ranked in our top 3 shows since its inception. Some of our most popular segments are geared to proper club fitting for amateurs. This show also airs live on the Myrtle Beach Golf Channel Facebook (and other) page(s), simulcasts to ZRN Sports, and is available on-demand hear on

The Rules Of Golf

It may sound (at first) like a boring subject so some. We’ve been told that by professional golfers who may be taking their knowledge of the rules for granted. Many after, watching and listening to the show, have realized details that even they didn’t know. Rules (as any avid
golfer knows) can be a bit daunting. This series has been piloted by in the past by two of the best rules officiants in the business…”No Drop” Frank Monk and Martyn Woodhouse. The show always creates requests for clarification and is one of our most engaging series. This show airs live on the Myrtle Beach Golf Channel Facebook (and other) page(s), simulcasts to ZRN Sports, and is available on-demand hear on

Product Showcase

Product Showcase is a series we use to spotlight client’s products from the golf industry. Product Showcase can be a “one-show” or multiple series production for each client. These are fee-based advertorial that give the client an opportunity to deliver their message to a precisely targeted golf audience. Each show includes the live video and /or radio airing along with a written and optimized (for search) article. Product Showcase clients receive a dedicated page on our sister division site (TGD). TGD is our golf vacation division and is perfect place to stoplight new and improved products to our visiting golfers from around the globe.