We like to learn new things on Tee It Up Grand Strand.  Today we visit Prestwick Country Club and spend time with golf course superintendent Paul Kaufman.  Paul is showing us the process they use when they aerify they greens around the course.  This is a very interesting and detailed endeavor that Paul and his staff go through and it is absolutely vital to the health of the grass in and around the putting surfaces.  It may not be fun for the golfers that play the golf course shortly after this is done but it has to be done.Aerifying the greens is actually punching holes in the ground.  What that does is remove some organic materials in the ground that will be replaced by clean sand and some amendments that keeps the soils healthy and thriving.  To make for less trauma to the ground, Paul’s crew will remove the plugs of turf that are pulled out of the ground with shovels and by hand.  They do this so the actual putting surface is not disturbed anymore than necessary.  Once the plugs are removed they spread some soil amendments that keep the soil healthy through the process.  Next comes the top dressing sand.  What that does is to fill the holes to level with the ground.

Once this is completed, the next step is to drag the sand to smooth it out and add a large amount of irrigation all over the area.  This washes the sand and the amendment treatment into the holes.  This process is repeated quite frequently over the next 3 or 4 days after aerification.  The repetition of all these steps will lend to quick recovery of the greens and get them back to playing condition.  Within a weeks time they are already mowing the grass and starting the regular maintenance again.  This entire process should be over in about two weeks time.  At this point the golfers will hardly be able to tell the course has been aerified.  Then it is back to business as usual.

Paul is very proud of how hard his staff and crew work during this time as well as how quickly they get the greens back into good putting condition.  It really is amazing that amount of work they do and how quickly they turn it around.  It is the thankless jobs like this that keep golf courses running.

For more information visit the website www.prestwickcountryclub.com or call the golf shop at 843.293.4100.