Once again we are at Cape Fear National to get a tip from Asst. Professional, Blake Valand on Tee It Up Grand Strand.  Blake always gives us useful tips for improving our game.  Each month we look forward to seeing what he has in store for us and this month is no different.  The only thing different is the type of tip we are getting.  Instead of showing us techniques for hitting better golf shots, Blake is helping us get ready to play golf.

Blake is focusing on a situation that many golfers find themselves in from time to time.  How to stretch and loosen up when we do not get to the golf course early enough before our tee time to spend time on the driving range.  We all have those days were we just can’t get to the course until just before our scheduled tee time.  There is nothing worse than being stiff as a board when stepping up to the first tee to hit that first tee shot.  Not only is that a recipe for a bad shot but it can lead to a possible injury. But never fear, Blake is here!

One of  his favorite warm up tools is the Orange Whip training aid.  It is a weighted and flexible tool shaped like a golf club.   Swing it around a few times in order to loosen the back up as well as find some tempo in the swing.  If you don’t own an Orange Whip grab a couple of irons and do the same drill.  The added weight helps stretch out the back and shoulders.  Also take the clubs and hold them out in front of our chest with our hands on top and take the club up above our heads and stretch back to behind our head to get a good stretch in.

Stretching the hips is very important.  Tight hips make it hard to get a full turn in the golf swing which leads to bad swings and bad shots.  The rotation in the golf swing is very very important.  Stand next to the golf cart and hold onto the side of it for for balance.  Take our right leg and cross it over the left knee and just sit down to get a real good stretch right through the hips.  Do that for a few seconds and make sure to switch legs and do it on the other leg.  That is a good stretch to get the lower body ready to go.

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