On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we drive up to the Wilmington area in North Carolina to see our friends at Cape Fear National Golf Course.  This fanatastic Tim Cate design is tucked away in the Brunswick Forest community but it is a must see for golfers visiting the Cape Fear and Wilmington areas.  First of all the drive into the clubhouse is breathtaking and secondly there is a great golf course with a unique design awaiting the golfers arrival.

Today we take a look at the 9th hole at Cape Fear National.  Once of the unique features of this golf course is the fact that both nines finish with par 3s.  That is extremely rare in the golf world to have both sides of a golf course finish with par 3s.  Both are beautiful and challenging golf holes that grab golfers attention the moment they step onto the tee box.  The 9th hole is 130 to 205 yards for the men depending on the tees.  It is 110 for the ladies.  The yardage is only part of the story here.  Setting up for the proper line based on wind and pin placement is key as well.

Assuming we are playing from the regular men’s tee and not the back tees we are looking at a tee shot from 130 to 156 depending on tee placement.  Short to mid irons will be the club of choice on this shot, but again, pin placement changes shot selection.  Wetlands run down the left hand side the entire length of the hole.  Large sand traps guard the right hand side up to the green.  The putting surface is very large and runs right to left from front to back.  The back left corner of the green is tucked in behind the water, making that pin what many of us call a “sucker pin”.

If the pin is set toward the back of the green the play off the tee is to simply aim for the middle portion of the green.  As solid shot to this point allows for a two putt par and maybe even a lucky look at birdie.  If the hole is cut center of the green or in the front portion, golfers can get much more aggressive and shot for the pin.  That is where the bunkers can come into play as they wait to grab any wayward straying tee balls.  That is what makes this hole so exciting and fun to play.  Different pin placements and tee boxes can make this play like several different holes.  A great golf hole to finish the front nine with.

For more information or to make a tee time visit their website www.capefearnational.com or call the golf shop at 866.832.1141.