There are many great golf holes along the Grand Strand and the 9th hole at Rivers Edge Golf Club may be the best of them all.  It also may be one of the toughest holes on the beach.  Assistant General Manager, Jason Monahan takes us out to the 9th tee and takes us through how to play this awesome golf hole.  We all need to pay attention to his tips.  No matter a golfers skill level, this hole takes some skill and thought to have any chance at a navigating it safely.

Rivers Edge is an amazing Arnold Palmer design and no hole better personifies the way Mr. Palmer played the game of golf than the par 5 9th hole or “Arnie’s Revenge” as it is affectionately called.  This hole plays very long, due to the the marshland that dissects the fairway about 270 yards from the tee box.  The risk/reward comes from the option golfers have to either go for the green over the marsh or lay up right of the green and play into the peninsula green from there.  It is an amazing hole to play.Jason suggests that most golfers should play this hole the safe way and play to the second shot to the area between the 100 and 150 yard markers.  But if golfers want to be aggressive and go for it, they need to be prepared to carry about 220 yards of marsh to reach the green.  There is nothing between the edge of the fairway and the putting surface but beautiful marshland.  To take the risk takes a great deal of bravery as well.  This is why Jason says “play it safe”.

Once we layup to the fairway across the marsh and right of the green we still have a delicate wedge or short iron shot into a long and narrow green.  Be sure to hit a solid shot into the center of the putting surface, which is mostly flat and very receptive.  Take the 2-putt and be happy to walk away with a par on this amazing and challenging golf hole.  But there is something that Jason wants us all to remember.

“Here we are standing on the green at Arnie’s Revenge” Jason said.  “Just take a look around.  How much better does it get than this?  It is absolutely stunning!  If you want an experience like this come visit us at the Edge!”

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