This edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand takes us to Calabash, North Carolina where we visit with PGA Head Professional Jimmy Biggs at Crow Creek Golf Club.  As we have talked about many times previously, Crow Creek was closed all summer long as it underwent some changes and updates to not only the golf course, but to the clubhouse as well.  Jimmy has walked us through the clubhouse and we have toured the golf course to check out the changes there as well.  We are happy the course is open for business again and are very impressed with the work that was done during the down time.  Today, Jimmy wants to show off the redesigned 18th green and we are eager to see what he has in store for us.

The original design of the 18th green was a tiered green.  There was a front tier and a higher back tier that was pretty straightforward for golfers to see what they had to deal with as they played into the green as well as when they were on the surface putting.  Now there are multi levels to the green that are highlighted by a huge “spine” that runs the length of the putting surface from the very front all the way to the back.  The back left portion of the green boasts a small flat area that sits like a table top on the tip of the spine.  A very tough spot to find a pin for golfers.  The easier pin placements will be on the lower levels of the green.

A front right pin is probably the most accessible for golfers to get close on their approach shot.  The ridge and slope of the green will feed balls back down toward the hole.  They act like a back stop for shots that are a little further onto the green than the flag.  Part of the goal of updating and changing the greens was to give each green more character and appeal.  The new bent grass gets the ball really rolling so accessibly pin placements need to be taken advantage of by golfers.

For more information about the new greens or anything else at Crow Creek, including making a tee time visit their website or call the golf shop at 910.287.3081 and Jimmy or any of his wonderful staff will be happy to help.  Golfers really need to get out to Crow Creek and see these awesome new greens for themselves.