We get a special treat on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  We go to Meadowlands Golf Club where General Manager, Brad Thompson takes us out onto the course to show us how to play their signature hole.  The par 4 3rd hole is an amazing hole from tee to green.  It will not take long for golfers to figure out why it is the signature hole at Meadowlands.  It is a lengthy par 4 for most golfers.  It can play as far as 404 from the back of the white tee box.  Let’s see what Brad has for us today!It is important to get a good start on this hole.  There is plenty of fairway to work with so golfers can be aggressive with their tee ball.  The reason it is important to get a good drive is because of the water on the second half of the hole that protects the putting surface.  Golfers need to get into a good position to carry the ball over the water and onto the green.  It is a very challenging and intimidating shot from the fairway.

:”Most golfers will have anywhere from 140 to 175 yards to the hole for their second shot” says Thompson.  “Normally that is not so hard, but when water is between the player and the target nerves start to get involved and anxiety can get a little high.”

The green is double tiered which allows golfers to use the second tier as kind of a backstop.  That means do not be afraid to take enough club to guarantee to clear the water.  This is very helpful for golfers that may be coming into the green from farther out on the fairway and need to use a long iron or even hybrid to get over the water.  The ball should stop on the green even though it will be coming in on a lower trajectory that with a short iron.

The putting surface is large and flat on the bottom tier.  As long as the ball lands on the proper level of the green golfers should not have any problem with having a solid run at making a putt or at worst two putting…hopefully for par.  This is a really good golf hole.  Players that walk away from No.3 with a par or better should feel very good as they move on to the rest of their round at Meadowlands.

For more information or to make a tee time visit www.meadowlandsgolf.com or call the golf shop at 910.287.7529.