Sandpiper Bay Golf and Country Club is a 27 hole facility located in beautiful Sunset Beach, North Carolina, just a 20 minute drive north from Myrtle Beach.  On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we are giving playing tips to visiting golfers in hopes to help them enjoy their day at this great golf course.  The Sand Course is a fun par 35 nine hole stretch with two really good par 5 holes on it and we are going to take a close look at hole No.1.  And of course, as always, we look at playing the hole from an amateur golfer perspective.

Most of the time when golfers look at the scorecard and see a par 5 as the first hole of the day they get a little excited.  They think they have the opportunity to start out with and extra shot to earn a par to start the day.  Well when golfers get to the tee box on this 538 yard par 5 they will quickly change their thinking.  There is water running all the way down the left side of the hole through the green and for longer hitters it can come into play on the tee shot as it narrows the fairway about 275 or so from the tee box.  The fairway is comfortably wide, but the water makes it look more narrow than it is.

Once we are off the tee, for most golfers we are now looking at setting up an approach shot with a useful layup on the second shot.  The water curls away from the fairway on the closer to the green but it is replaced by a line of trees so left is still bad.  A smart layup will be from the middle to right side of the fairway which is fairly open around the 100 marker.  A good shot to this point will leave a wedge or short iron into the green.

The putting surface is a big round target, protected short by two front bunkers and one big bunker short right.  With a wedge in hand these traps should not be an issue.  Hit a good shot on the putting surface and we should be looking at a decent chance at birdie but should be thinking two putt par for sure.  Par is a good score on this great opening hole.  Golfers walking off this green with a 5 or better to put on the scorecard should feel real good about the start they got to the day.

For more information or to make a tee time visit or call the golf shop at 910.579.9120.