We always talk about the key to a good round is getting off to a good start and paying attention to detail at the International Club of Myrtle Beach is very important as golfers walk up to the tee box.  On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we look what appears to be an easy hole.  The first hole at International Club looks to be a cake walk of a hole to start the round with when looking at the scorecard.  What golfers will quickly find out is that although the hole looks tame it is anything but.

The par 4 first hole measures 348 yards from the white tees and 380 from the back tees.   We will look at playing the hole from the white tees (that’s where most of us play from anyway).  Distance is not a priority off the tee, positioning is paramount.  Golfers need to play down the right side of the fairway to have the best angle in.  This is much easier said than down however.  The entire left hand side of the fairway is bordered by pine tress that are just waiting to eat up wayward tee shots.

The first fairway is fairly wide open as golfers look from the slightly elevated tee box.  The bailout area is right for sure as their are only a couple trees to the right of the fairway.  At just 348 yards the hole is not too long for any kind of tee shot that is played from the tee.  Once in the fairway we look at an elevated green that adds a club to two to the approach shot.  Remember that hitting up the hill may ad some extra yardage to shots.

The approach shot to this green is well within the realm of staying to work a good job.  Apparetnty many short iron shots will be tried to make the with.

The approach shot to this green is fairly self explanatory.  Once golfers realize their is a course in their areas that don’t seem busy and are in good shape we loose them to local play.

For more information or to make a tee time visit www.internationalclubofmyrtlebeach.com