On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we spend some time with our good friend Frank Coughlin at Arcadian Shores Golf Club.  Frank is the PGA General Manager at Arcadian Shores and he is going to take us on a walk through tour of the brand new clubhouse that opened up this fall.  It is a major change and upgrade from the old clubhouse, which was actually the original clubhouse from when the course was built back in 1974.  Obviously it was time for something new.  The construction of the new clubhouse coincided with the installation of new greens and cart paths which took place over this summer.

Frank is excited to take us through the facility, considering the last time we were here the structure was finished but the inside was not.  All we saw was dry wall and open doorways and windows.  We had to envision how great it was all going to be.  Now he gets to show it off!  

We start at the back deck that over looks the practice area on the left and the 18th green just behind the clubhouse.  It has tables and umbrellas to provide comfortable seating no matter the time of year or weather.  Then we step inside the doors into the bar and grille area.  There is a new open air kitchen set up in the grille with a counter right at the the opening.  Golfers can see and smell their food being cooked right before their eyes.  The dining area is spacious and has a few flat screen TVs on the walls.

Across the hall from the bar and grille area is the fully stocked golf shop.  This large area holds everything from hats to shirts to shoes and more in the way of apparel.  They also can find golf clubs and balls for sale, along with gloves and other souvenir type items.  As far as golf shops go, Arcadian Shores has really stepped up their game from what they had in the past.  The open design has windows on all sides allowing golfers a look at the golf course as they wait to check in.  The clubhouse at Arcadian provides everything a golfer could want before and after a round of golf.

For more information or to make a tee time visit www.arcadianshoresgolf.com or call the golf shop at 843.449.5217 and any of the first rate golf staff will be willing to help.