All golf courses have their signature hole and on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we visit Cape Fear National Golf Club at Brunswick Forest in Leland, North Carolina to check out their signature hole.  The par 4 3rd hole is a tremendous test of guts and skill which are both good hallmarks for a signature hole to have on a golf course.  What we will do today is take a look at the best way to play the hole, shot by shot.  Sharing knowledge is fun don’t ya think?!

The 3rd hole can stretch out as long as 442 yards from the back tees.  We are going to talk about playing from the white tees which play at 395 yards.  This is where most amateur golfers play from and that is who we want to help out here.  Besides, if golfers can play from the tips….we should be asking them for help.

The tee shot on this hole can be quite intimidating for most golfers.  There is a bit of water to carry to reach the fairway and then the water runs all the way down the left side of the hole.  There are fairway bunkers on the far right side of the landing area so we don’t want to end up there either.  Obviously accuracy is key off the tee.

Once in the fairway we will probably have a mid to long iron into the green.  The good news is that the greens are quite large at Cape Fear National so we have a big target to shoot at.  The key here is to make sure to pull enough club out of the bag to carry the sand trap that guards the front right portion of the putting surface.

Now that we have reached the putting surface we need to have confidence in making a putt.  The green is large as we said but the good news is that even if we are not close to the hole the surface is fairly flat so a lag putt should not be too difficult on the finely manicured green.  If we can walk away with a 2 putt par on No.3 we should count our blessings and move on to the next hole.  Par is a really good score here.

For more information or to make at tee time at Cape Fear National visit their website or call the golf shop at 910.383.3283.