On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we spend some time at Farmstead Golf Links with General Manager, Brad Thompson.  Today we are on the par 3 12th hole to take a look at how different the hole can play from each of the five different sets of tees.  Not only does each set of tees provide a different yardage, but each set gives a different angle and different look to the hole.  Brad is going to talk about the differences in each tee and suggest how golfers should approach their shots as well.

The first thing Brad wants to suggest to all golfers is to be sure to play the set of tees that fit a golfers game.  Playing a set of tees that relate to a golfers skill level allows the golfer to play a better round of golf, play faster and make the round much more enjoyable as well.  The second thing is club selection.  All golfers can have the tendency to under club.  It is important to remember to make sure to use enough club to reach the hole.

From the red tees the hole plays just 94 yards long.  It is also a straight shot into the green with water to the right.  Take a wedge and putt a solid swing on it.

The gold tees are next at 140 yards.  This shot is also basically straight into the green although the right hand side of the green is now protected by water.  The safe play is to the left center of the green but any shot with a short to mid iron should be ok.

As we move back to the white tees the tee box shifts to the right and now the entire shot is over water.  It is 165 yards to the pin from here and the water covers about 140 of it.  A shot like this certainly calls for more bravery and a much more confident swing than the previous two shots.  There is no bailout short.

The blue tees play the same yardage as the white tees, which is fairly rare for most holes, but the angle is completely different.  These tees are more right of the green and still crossing the water.  From this angle the bunker on the right side of the green comes into play and must be accounted for in the tee shot.  The safe play is again middle-left of the green.

Now we reach the black tees at No.12 from 191 yards.  This tee box is as far left as it can be which now makes the tee shot clear water and the front right bunker which is now right in the line of the tee shot.  The distance is not the hardest part of this shot.  There is a lot to carry from this angle so reaching the putting surface will require a precise shot.

For the record, Brad was 3 for 5 on hitting the green and put the ball in the water from the black tees.

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