The 13th hole at Cape Fear National Golf Course at Brunswick Forest is considered the signature hole by golf course designer Tim Cate.  Cateis a renowned and revered golf course architect, registered landscape architect, and land planner based in Sunset Beach, North Carolina.  It is a beautiful par 4, dog-leg right that stretches to 427 yards from the back tees.  This hole is our focus on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.

The entire course is challenging as well as visually-stunning, designed to use the natural areas encompassing the golf course to enhance the course aesthetics.  It is also built to enhance the natural areas around the course.  That being said Cate has been quoted as saying the 13th hole has to be the signature hole.

There is a giant berm that runs along the far right side of the entire hole. That berm features native grasses, wax myrtles and wildflowers that really make it stand out. There is a waste bunker that runs between the fairway and the berm until about 60 yards out from the green where it crosses between the fairway and the green.  Golfers need to be mindful of their yardages when playing the 13th hole.

Off the tee golfers are forced to carry the first part of the waste bunker that dominates this hole.  I solid drive down the left hand side of the fairway would be the best line to take.  Be careful, there is water off to the left.  Due to the length of the hole and the fact that the sand comes in front of the green, golfers have a decision to make on the second shot.  If the tee shot is less than perfect a layup might be in order even though it is a par 4.

The mounding around the green complex really gives the golfer a target to shoot for.  The mounds appear to form a backdrop for the putting surface which provides a beautiful yet challenging look from the fairway.  The green is fairly large so golfers need to take a deep breath and hit a good shot.  Par is a really good score on this hole no matter the skill level of the golfer.

For more information about Cape Fear National Golf Course visit their website at or call the golf shop at 866.831.8382 and any one of their friendly golf shop staff members will be glad to assist.